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mango martinis and gh2 [Mar. 29th, 2007|04:13 pm]
[mood |blahblah]

I had way too many mango martinis last night,plus the three beers that I was challenged to finish in less then a minute. I feel like crap today. Oh well. On another note the boy is in trouble. He got our guitar hero 2 disc messed up since he wanted to mess with stuff that wasnt his-as usual. We are so pissed and he is in so much trouble. Hopefully its covered under some plan that we payed for at the game store.
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Im a mental mess [Feb. 23rd, 2007|09:18 am]
[mood |stressedstressed]

Im so tired of dealing with it all.The only thing keeping me here is 2 people,otherwise fuck it whatever Im done. Im so tired of being tired of it all.
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Cool online paper doll site- with stars like Johnny Depp,etc [Feb. 21st, 2007|08:55 pm]
[mood |amusedamused]


I happened to run across this site on accident. I loved paper dolls as a kid so I thought it would be to play with and relieve some stress. They have stars in theyre underoos. So far I did johnny depp-lol. His shirts are a little too short for him though-almost belly shirts-hehe.
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Peanut butter recall [Feb. 15th, 2007|02:52 pm]
[mood |frustratedfrustrated]

Well there has been a pb recall because it has salmonnila(sp). We have a jar of peter pan that has the batch number that they have recalled. This may explain why my 2 kids and all the others at my sons school have been sick lately. Now Im afraid to buy any more pb and feed it to the kids. I never knew that I would have to worry about that in peanut butter of all things. This is such a normal thing for people to have in theyre pantrys espically if they have kids. Well I hope everyone that has been affected by this is ok.
Im kinda pissed that we have a jar of it-they said send the lid in for a refund. Im not worried about 3 dollars Im worried aabout the health of my kids that have been eating it.
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update [Jan. 12th, 2007|01:23 am]
[mood |depresseddepressed]

i broke my freakin arm last night!!!! next week i have to get surgery done to fix it. they will be putting discs and rods in or something. ok-bye
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WTF?????? Pissed off [Sep. 15th, 2006|10:11 am]
[mood |frustratedfrustrated]

Ya ya I know I havent updated in ages-whatever.
Im so mad right now at Ameren gas co. I called them this morning to see if someone could come and turn off all our gas valves,pilot lights etc, or at least show us how to do it.You see were bug bombing the house tommorrow morning and have to turn all that off. I dont want to blow up our house you know what I mean? I have heard and read all kinds of stories where peoples blew up thyre house and stuff from not turning everything off right and folowing directions.
Well anyway when I called them they said that they dont provide this service and would have to get someone else to do it. What the hell?? I dont understand why not? Is it just me that dosent understand this?
omg-were gonna end up doing something wrong and blowing our house up- Im freakin out now.
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TODAY.........Im gonna party like [Mar. 22nd, 2006|10:47 am]
[mood |chipperchipper]

its my birthday,and I just found out that today is also international goof off day-how ironic. Being 27 dosent feel much different then 26.

Last night Jim and the kids went to the store to get my birthday gifts-he kept asking me what I wanted but I wouldnt tell him-I rather have a surprise they picked out. He got me a lot ogf food too-food I shouldnt be eating,oh well its my birthday right? HEHE!
He got me these giant cinnamon rolls for breakfast,some yummy bread to make a sandwich for my lunch and a sugarless peach pie,then sugarless blueberry muffins in case I need a snack he said. By the time he gets home and we do dinner I dont know if Ill have room for cake-lol. Hes so sweet! This morning the kids gave me some stuff-a yummy smelling candle,some lavander bubble bath stuff, and some milk body soap stuff. It all smells good. I wonder what else Im getting? He said I got 2 more presents.
Tonight-Ill shall get intoxicated like its my 21st birthday-hehehe
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(no subject) [Mar. 10th, 2006|10:03 am]
[mood |okayokay]

Well Sydneys birthday was great,she loves her new bed. At first she would stay in it and wait for us to come in and get her when she woke up,but not anymore! She trys to skip out on her naps now by sneaking out of her room-hehe. At least she stays in at night time though. I remember I used to have to lay down with Sean till he went to sleep if I ever wanted to get any myself.We also put butterflys all over her walls and gave her new pretty purple curtains. Her room looks a lot more girly now like I wanted it to be. Its gonna be a while before we can actually painted it like I want to so in the mean time its going have to stay how it is. I think Im gonna finally take down the lighthouse border that was there when we moved in and replace it with some kids butterfly and flower border-it was really simple and pretty. I normally despise borders but it will do for now.
For Seans birthday in August we have decided to do his room. His walls will prolly end up painted,espically since his room is right of the living room and u can see everything in there. Were going to do the camafloug/army theme. So I havent decided how im gonna exactaly do his walls yet. Then I would like to get him a nice black platform bed,but so far I havent been able to find any in twin size under 150.00.Oh well the bed will prolly be done some other time anyway,all the accesorries and bedding will cost enough anyway. Im hoping my mom agrees do go in half of this with us.

I cant wait till we can really paint the rest of the house either. I have had the colors finally picked out for what seems like a lifetime now. It took a lot of thought because the house is very open and flows right open from one room to the next so I couldnt go all crazy like I orignally wanted to. At first the kitchen/dining room was gonna be like a autumn orange,now it has been switched to a color called cup of coccoa or something. The lr is gonna be a red called ripe current -I think. I figured it would go good with our huge fireplace and the rich wood wall that surronds the fireplace. Our bedroom is gonna be martini olive green,Im thinking blue for the bathroom. I orginally had a lavish plan for the bathroom with various blu/green turquoise tiles and all to remind us of our trip to the bahamas. We will see that will prolly be the last room anyway,seeing its gonna cost a lot considering we gotta totally rip out the whole entire floor all the way to the bottom and start fresh since it has these little sunken in spots. Ughhh I hatw that bathrrom with a passion right now-its so ugly! Funky green country wallpaper with flowers-eewwwww!

Last night I finally found out what kind of tattoo my dad had. I always thought he had a vine of roses or something on his arm . Wellllllll..... it was a walking joint. I just about fell out of my chair when my mom told me that,I still am having trouble believing that.
I guess me and Jim will be starting a new diet and exercise plan together. He about freaked when he found out how much he weighed the other day-hehe. I of cousre had to make fat jokes for a while that day-all he really needs to loose is like 10 15 lbs. hes not really fat at all! I ordered a couple workout dvds,one of them was celebrity fit club from vh1. The hardest part is gonna be to get him to give up the red meat and fryed foods. He said he has to have a little-so we will see. Last week I bought a dance pad from th resale shop for 30.00 -im pissed of and dont think she takes returns. IT SUCKS!!! I tryed to talk her down in price and she was like now the lady got brand ne blah blah blah,so I got anyway. Its suppoed to come with an adapter-there wasnt one in the box,so I had to use my last 4 batteries,then it has a crappy screen and music,ughh im so pissed off. Should go resell it back to her,but maybe the kids could use-I dont know whatever.
Also Im upset because I thought last nights episode of ER was supposed to be new and it wasnt,arghhh.
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Misc.Ramblings [Feb. 16th, 2006|10:43 am]
[mood |sleepysleepy]
[music |the humm of the refrigerator]

Last night I hurt the roof of my mouth with some Pop rocks candy-that sure was a powerfull batch they made there let me tell ya!!!

Sydneys birthday is right around the corner,we still gotta order her bed so it gets here on time. It sucks you can only get it online at Walmart and not in thyre store. Thats $50 right there,not gonna have a lot of dough to buy her a lot. I defiently wanna get her potty time elmo though. I got her a mangadoodle last night for free basically from doing some surveys I got $15.00 amazon.com g.c. Theyre shipping prices are insane in my opinion.Were not having a birthday party this yr.but who ever wants to stop by can-may wanna call 1st to make sure were home though.

Im disappointed that my fav. freebie site isnt up right now-guess thyre makin improvments or something. They need to hurry though -its been 2 dys. now.

Tonight is Seans soccer night-only 1 more month to go! I tell ya -it wasnt worth no $90 bucks though. I could do what his coach is doing for free. Ill let him play soccer this summer cuz. its only $35 or something then and outside. I wont be doing indoor next yr. though.

Im so sleepy -i think im gonna take a 20 min. nap before Sydney wakes up. Im so tired of being tired. I cant wait till Sydney is in school 2 so I can work days while theyre at school.Im so glad I took next weekend off-YEAH!!!!!!

Did anyone watch the last 2 episodes of meet the barkers? I missed them both-dang it.

Well guess thats all the rambling I got for now-Im sure Illthink of something as soon as I get off!
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NOte to self....... [Feb. 15th, 2006|11:52 pm]
[mood |thirstythirsty]

Remove beer can with beer in it from last week off the desk!!! Just took a drink of it by accident. EWWWWWW-Im thankfull theyre were no cig. buts in it though! At least I dont think there was.
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